Design & Craft Council Ireland

Project scope
Branding update
Creating brand assets for national campaign
Art direction
Print/Online promotions

We were tasked with an identity update for the ‘Made Local’ campaign. This is a national campaign run by Design & Crafts Council Ireland to promote local craft and design and to position it to the forefront of the gifting market, helping to support makers and retailers alike.

We wanted to communicate the deeper connection that buyers have with the niche areas of Craft & Design but also the spirit the makers themselves imbue into their creations and so ‘Love Made Local’ was born!

The previous iteration featured a navy thumbprint logo on DCCI’s blue background with the words “MADE LOCAL” reversed out of it. In order to bring more strength and clarity to the message we abandoned the layered aspect of the identity opting instead to separate the graphic symbol and the typemark. Inspired by Milton Glasers renowned distilled logotype for the advertising campaign promoting tourism in the state of New York ‘I ❤️ NY’
we took the thumbprint and combined it with a love heart-shaped graphic, this was positioned over the ‘Made Local’ slogan to complete the Love Made Local identity. The campaign ran in both online and print advertising across a range of media including posters, POS, stickers, videos and other social media assets.

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