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Bread Nation is an organic bakery located in Dublin 2. The bakery specialises in long fermented breads, which are made using traditional methods and just a few simple ingredients; flour, salt and water. The same location is also home to the bakery/eatery Bread 41. At Bread 41, customers can buy fresh breads, pastries (supplied from the bakery) and taste amazing food.

The challenge was to create a brand that would encompass the ethos of the project as a whole but to also construct an adaptive brand that could promote the key areas of the business as it grew.

In developing the visual identity we were conscious not to over complicate the end result. We wanted something that spoke simply, boldly and confidently to it’s audience. In the briefing and research sessions with the client, the recurring theme was that of simple, good ingredients. Both words of the brand held equal weight so we wanted both represented in the final mark. We set ourselves the basic question; what defines a bakery/nation in a visual sense? We looked at various icons that represented both and how these combinations would work. We settled on the bakers peel and the flag to represent the brand in it’s final distilled form. The overall feel we wanted to create was utilitarian, this was achieved through the styling of the mark but also the choice of typeface and stripped back colour palette.

It was important that the Bread 41 identity was born out of the Bread Nation brand so that people would immediately identify the link, one services the other so it made perfect sense that the brand essence was reciprocal to both. The plan in time is to expand the number of bakery/eateries in Dublin so the Bread 41 identity was created with this in mind, a simple number change in the logomark will herald the new location.

The iconic treatment we created for the brand meant that it could be applied successfully across a range of online/offline media and in applications on the physical space.

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