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Braincalm is a down to earth, no jargon training programme for parents & school staff identifying, managing and supporting children with anxiety or sensory issues. Braincalm unblocks those traffic jams in the brain with the end goal of self-regulation.

We worked closely with Brenda Cassidy the creator of Braincalm, firstly to understand the programmes and also the conditions of the children who participate in them. Colour was a key factor both in tying in with the programme’s structure (red-yellow-blue) but also in describing behavioural and emotional patterns that affect those children. Emotions and behaviours are never stagnant are often multi-layered, the monogram ‘B’ strives to illustrate this, showing the various starting points and suggesting ‘the journey’ from where you begin – to finding your destination, connecting and plugging in. The fun aspect of all the activity-led therapy sessions was also to the fore in the formation of the identity.

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